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Quality in Tourism (QiT), the Agency employed by States of Guernsey to deliver the star rating assessment process in Guernsey, has developed the Safe, Clean & LegalTM risk assessment and accreditation scheme which is now operating across various different countries and across all segments of tourism and hospitality.

In Guernsey, for the most part, the "legal" and "safe" elements of the scheme are already covered by the boarding permit registration process. So, although QiT will be supporting businesses to achieve Safe, Clean & LegalTM accreditation, the focus of the scheme will be on the "clean" requirements.

The States of Guernsey wants cleanliness and safety practices to be applied consistently and rigorously to ensure that visitors are confident and reassured that the visitor accommodation sector is maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in a COVID-19 safe and secure manner, whilst also protecting the staff and operators on the Island.

The scheme's risk assessment criteria will reflect Guernsey's Public Health guidance, but the scheme will also share and include discretionary 'best practice' COVID-19 safe and secure processes from across the wider industry and across the portfolio of countries in which QiT operates.

The Quality in Tourism assessment team are available for advice and will support with recommendations remotely. For any queries, they can be contacted via email at

More information on the QiT Safe, Clean & LegalTM accreditation can be found here. Alternatively, if you would like to register for the scheme please use the button below.